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What does “Xi” mean? Read about our Core Values.

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“What does the Xi in Xi Safety mean? How do you pronounce it?”. Our customers, friends, relatives and family members have often asked us this question, and that’s a good thing.

Xi is:

– Xi Jinping, the Prime Minister of China
– The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet
– The 15th letter of the Phonecian, Aramaic and Hebrew alphabet
– Use by engineers to denote an eigenvectors and random variables
– Used by mathematicians to denote a universal set

Words have different meanings to each of us, and Safety is no different. Each person has their own beliefs, understanding of the world, value system and internal model of reality. We believe that each person has their own understanding of safety based on past experiences. Some people may see Safety as an obstruction to productivity, whereas others see it in terms of managing risks to prevent loss. Others see the 4 P’s of Safety: Paperwork, Policing, Process and Procedures.

We believe that safety is a shared set of beliefs and values held in common by most people. In a sense, Xi is a state of mind that exists when you answer the question: What does Safety mean to you?.

Read about what Safety means to us on our core values page.