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Trans Canada Pipeline (Groundbirch Pipeline Project )

Trans Canada Pipeline – The Groundbirch Pipeline Project is an  extension of the existing TransCanada Alberta System to connect sweet natural gas supply mainly from the Montney Formation located in northeast British Columbia (BC). The pipeline would extend from a new interconnection on the Gordondale Lateral near the downstream side of the existing Gordondale Meter Station on the Alberta System, approximately 11 kilometres east of Bay Tree, Alberta to a meter station in the Groundbirch area in northeast BC, approximately 37 kilometres northwest of Dawson Creek.

The Safety & Emergency Response lead establishes response relationships with local emergency services, is the most senior health and safety subject matter expert at site and  provided extensive guidance and support to the Project Management Team, and inspection personnel


We Combed the Internet for Armored Knit Gloves, and This is What We Found

Many companies are waking up to the cost of hand injuries. In Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry, the cost of a hand injury can run $10,000 – $20,000. And that’s just the direct costs. Other studies have found that the indirect costs of injuries experience a multiplier effect. Indirect costs include the cost of hiring a new worker, retraining, lost production, lost contracts due to a higher TRIF, lower ratings in the safety registries, higher WCB insurance premiums across the board.

So, for that hand injury that cost you $20,000, you’re potentially looking at another $100,000 in indirect costs. For a business running 15% profit margins, how much extra revenue do you have to generate to cover this additional cost burden? The answer is $800,000. Unfortunately for many companies, though, an additional hand injury can decrease their probability of securing extra contracts to pay for injuries.

That’s why it makes good business sense to invest in hand awareness and hand protection. Many employers have tried the armored glove route to bolster their last line of defense against hand injuries. But there’s a problem, and that’s the mismatch between what the glove marketers think workers need, and what workers actually need.

In the drilling industry, armored gloves suffer from a host of deficiencies that result in a loss of “buy in” from the workforce, especially when drilling in Oil Based Mud. These deficiencies include:

– Kevlar stitching that comes loose after 1-2 tripping operations

– Palm grips that wear smooth or stiffen when exposed to chemicals

– Poor dexterity for finer tasks.

– Difficult to launder because of tight weaves in the material.



Until armored gloves solve these problems, they will never unseat the legendary “Green King” woven cloth gloves preferred by workers in the drilling industry. Green Kings remain the King of Gloves in the world of drilling because they offer superior grip, they are cheap, easy to launder and they offer decent dexterity for handling nuts and bolts. However, from the employer or producer’s perspective, the legendary Green King offers little in the way of protection from impacts, cuts and drilling fluids.


Bob Dale Glove has made an attempt to put some armored padding on their Super Green King glove, but workers state that the cost/benefit isn’t there.

All that said, we decided to comb the internet for gloves that satisfied the following criteria:

– Knit glove for easy laundering.

– Could be fitted underneath a Green King (possibly)

– Cut and flame resistant (nice to have)

– Cloth or foam nitrile palms (grip is improved by absorbent palms).


We haven’t tested any of these gloves. We’ve only done the hard work of tracking them down for you. Download our 2 pager on Armored Knit Gloves and see if this market is right for you.

Armored Knit Gloves (pdf)




Xi Safety Welcomes Mike Horner P.Eng., MBA to advisory panel

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The Management Team of XI Safety TM Inc. is honored to welcome Mike Horner to our Advisory Team.

Mike Horner, Principal, BluBayou Management LTD.

Mike is a Graduate of UBC’s Mechanical Engineering Faculty and holds a MBA from Simon Fraser University. With 30 plus years management in pipeline, power transmission industry, refinery and sour gas plants as well, Mike has significant experience in operations management, project management, and executive management.

Roles and responsibilities included management of operations in challenging physical and climactic environments, experience in US and domestic operations and project development, project directorship in major new greenfield and expansion projects, significant regulatory experience, and creation of major projects organizations and executive leadership roles in project areas.

External membership in various industry activities including President of Construction Owners Association of Alberta.

Welcome to the Xi Team Mike!