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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Todd and Sargent – On Site Safety Representative

Todd and Sargent – Xi Safety was contracted to provide an On Site Safety Representative (OSR) to our client for a large grain terminal and silo project in Biggar, Saskatchewan. The project was successfully completed, attaining positive safety metric performance with minimal first aids.


XI Safety outfits Major Drilling Contractor

Xi Safety recently was able to solve a problem for one of our clients. They are conducting remote seismic, surface and subsurface coring activities in sensitive areas throughout Western Canada. They are committed to minimize their overall environmental footprint by limiting the environmental impact of their drilling services and manufacturing operations. They remain globally focused on the following areas:

•Air impacts
•Energy and water conservation
•Waste and hazardous materials minimization

Our client’s goal is to not only ensure compliance with host country regulations but to exceed the expectations of their clients, host governments and stakeholders and set the standard for others in our industry.

Xi was happy to be a solution to their challenge and attain an opportunity to help them in water and waste minimization by providing them with our Waterless Toilet System they will be using.

To find out more how the system works and how WTS can solve your own remote liquid and solid waste sanitation and portable toilet challenges, call us today at 403 453 1388untitled3