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Xi Safety Inc and Oil Sands Camps Fire Safety

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screen_shot_2016-05-17_at_8.55.24_pm_p3127251Over the years, Xi Safety has been able to provide fire safety services to camp operators as well as be involved in the construction of many.  From Red Deer and Blackfalds, Alberta, to the Oil Sands, Terrace, BC, Conklin, Lac La Biche, we’ve been involved.

From the initial construction phase we’ve provided Fire Safety Specialists right into the operations phase, including basic fire prevention and suppression training.  Having had the opportunity to visit actual camp assembly factories, we’ve got a little more insight into them.

Even with the best planning, applicable fire code requirements and suppression equipment the Fort McMurray fire or “THE BEAST” as it has become known, would have taxed any facility.

We’ve done some wild land fire prevention suppression assessments and there are additional resources available regarding oil sands plant protection, but we’ve got some ideas and insight into basic assessment, prevention, training and response.

We are open to work with our Alberta and other area camp operators to provide additional services.




Xi Safety and ABB Power

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Xi Safety is working with our customer providing HESS services on their project in Fort Mcmurray.


Xi Safety Inc and the Fort McMurray Wildfires

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Xi Safety presently have two HESS professionals working in the area and are still ok, safe and sound.

Tens of thousands of McMurrayites have been evacuated enmass and helped by all levels of government, private citizens, Non Government Offices, companies and industry, and its been simply an astounding effort on everyone who has been involved. It is hard to put into words.

Fort McMurray is like a magnet to many Canadians and personnel from around the world who have either worked here at various times over their careers or who came, saw and fell in love with the community and the spirit of givin’ er for everything they do.

Fort McMurray and its related industries has given much to many Canadians from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland that includes bringing in thousands of workers and then flying them right across the country to their homes and families on days off. Whether you’ve been a FIFO (fly in/fly out) worker or a business across the country supplying goods and services, this community and the industries have provided financial opportunities that have enriched tens of thousands of Canadians directly and more indirectly through income taxes and redistribution payments to other provinces.

Everyone of Xi Safety’s Senior Management team have ties to the oil sands and the community as well. Whether its been project work that has drawn us north to work on the myriad of projects over the years, some of us even have a deeper history to the city.

Its where I came in the 80s seeking an opportunity for myself and my family and Fort McMurray did not disappoint me. From working at the Great Canadian Oil Sands (GCOS) and living for many years in the community, all of us at Xi Safety extend our hearts and pocketbooks to all of you who have lost much or all.

Fort McMurray has been home to me, my wife, and my three sons. Its where the boys first learned to ride a bike up on Ross Haven Drive, where they attended their first schools, where our Church was down in Waterways and where the boys first started to play hockey within the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association, where I first stated coaching minor hockey and where we became a part of a community made up of other people from somewhere else.

Its a city that gave me and my family an economic stimulus that helped us buy our first house down on Hill Drive in Fort McMurray, where we truly had an international community of kids from everywhere. The neighborhood boys from Lebanon, Newfoundland, Ontario, Africa, Maritimes and other countries who eagerly joined in the drive way hockey games that raged all throughout the neighborhood.

Xi Safety Inc has provided a list of goods and services we can make available to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s recovery and rebuild program. We hope to be a part of it.

Fort McMurray has experienced setbacks before, the great fire at Suncor in the early 80s, the labor strike of 86 and the resulting low prices of oil of $6.00US per barrel of oil. They came back from the Great Extraction Fire of 87 at Suncor, and always better and stronger and more resolved to be even better than before.

The Great Fort McMurray Wildfire of 2016 has brought Xi Safety Inc and the City back together again. Even though we’ve been gone from the area for a few years as a family, it still has the home feeling to it.