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Before Day’s End & Xi Safety Inc

Before Day’s End; this tremendous safety documentary has a personal connection to some of us at Xi Safety Inc and one of the injured workers.

20120820_C8018_PHOTO_EN_16970TORONTO, Aug. 20, 2012 /CNW/ – 25,000 accidents are reported each year in the construction industry. Many of these are life-changing or even life-taking events. Before Day’s End, a new documentary film commissioned by CLAC, provides deeply emotional first-hand accounts from victims and family members, chronicling the details of five separate accidents and their devastating aftermath.

“I never had a meaningful conversation with him after that day,” says a father whose son was pinned and suffocated by a malfunctioning lift, leading to a coma, and eventually, death. “There was a point in time where I guess my prayers might have turned from ‘Let’s get him back’ to ‘Let’s let him go.’

“I can’t take that day back, I cannot reverse time”, says a young man who was seriously injured on a job site.

As the film progresses, its message becomes clear: There is much in our lives and our work that we take for granted. This poignant documentary helps its viewers become conscious not only of daily blessings, but of the importance of following safety precautions and of exercising care when working.

CLAC is an independent Canadian labour union representing over 50,000 workers in a wide range of sectors―construction, health care, service, transportation, manufacturing, and others. Based on principles that promote the values of respect, dignity, fairness, and integrity, CLAC’s approach to labour relations stresses membership advocacy, cooperation, and the long term interests of the workplace community.  CLAC Training is committed to supporting the overall health and safety of our members by providing courses that are in high demand in Canada’s rapidly changing workplace.

Video with caption: “New film “Before Day’s End” explores job site accidents”. Video available at:


Pipeline Construction Safety Training PCST with Xi Safety TM Inc

PCST or Pipeline Construction Training provided through Xi Safety TM Inc. The course has been developed to assist a new worker in responding to worksite health and safety challenges and for those workers needing recertification every three (3)years.

The risk of injury in pipeline work is greater than other jobsites due to heavy equipment; suspended loads; terrain, weather and jobsite conditions; inexperienced or untrained workers and pressure to “get the job done,” may also factor into the risks

New workers access the material and learn the entire pipeline construction process from beginning to end and upon completion will also know:

  • worker responsibility
  • personal protective equipment
  • personal conduct
  • how to assess hazards
  • how to control hazards
  • how operate a vehicle safely
  • how to operate equipment safely
  • Learn how to respond to emergencies

You’ll learn or review the basic do’s and don’ts on the pipeline, equipment operation guidelines, operation of tools, additional vehicle management guidelines, TDG and more.

To access our portal for course registration

CREDITS/CERTIFICATES: A final mark of 100% is required in order to receive a certificate of completion.
HOW TO ENROLL: You will require a PIN # prior to registering for this course. Please contact Xi Safety at to register and obtain obtain your PIN # and how to make a course purchase.


Pipeline Construction Safety Training





Alberta Traffic Control Services

traffic controlTraffic Control Services and Personnel are now available through Xi Safety Inc for Alberta road and infrastructure contractors.  In addition to certification our Flagging Traffic Control personnel are instructed in Best Practices for Traffic Control Operations for day and night work, have the correct safety equipment and PPE and possess construction experience.  We provide all back-office support that includes payroll and insurances.  For those seeking certification in traffic control courses, please visit the training tab section on our website.


Hearing Loss and Ear Buds in Teens




Online Safety Training Data Management Services & More!

training-programFor companies seeking a convenient training management system, our online safety course program has some valuable back office support that can provide one of the simplest ease of use and data management of training for any company, large or small.

Most of our courses are conducted online as a learn as you go exercise. It takes patience and persistence to master the classes as there are no shortcuts in the learning curve of knowledge. Students must master each module by completing a passing grade before being allowed to advance to the next segment. Classes can be tailored for a single user or a multiple user license is available for companies seeking to train large numbers of personnel.

In addition to over 140 HSE programs that range from awareness, drivers (commercial and non), safety, environment, electrical, equipment the data management system provides these key features:

  • multilingual it can be used and translated into any language for international operations
  • virtual proctoring can be done fore remote sites where access to tablets or terminal is limited for say site project work.
  • cloud storage
  • course admin usability, ease of function
  • training records management, we now a program that simplifies your records
  • Integrated into our system is a document management feature that allows administrators to upload, store, review, and track employee-specific documents including performance assessments, competency validation forms, annual reviews, and more
  • course library listing of over 140 pertinent industry training courses
  • build you own specific industrial training courses and earn back rewards/savings from other contractors using your materials
  • Built-in email notifications let users know when courses have been added to their account, their password has been reset, and when any of their courses are about to expire.
  • Security – Using PEER 1’s Mission Critical Cloud technology, your information is protected with HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, virus protection, and more.
  • Our entire system and data reside on Canadian servers to address Canadian privacy requirements and avoid data searches otherwise possible under the US Patriot Act.
  • custom branding We custom brand your learning management system interface so that it matches and links seamlessly back to your company’s website, creating a great user experience.
  • Ecommerce – The integrated e-commerce store engine includes a fully-managed, secure shopping cart that accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payments
  • Reward Tracking – To help manage and track internal company reward systems, our Learning Management System provides an online tool for adding and updating reward points for all employees.  Ease of administration for a safety award program using training as a motivator.
  • your own account, your own system for your personnel to log in and do applicable training.

The effect of training on the risk tolerance of workers

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The effect of training on the risk tolerance of workers
The effect of training on the risk tolerance of workers

In risk management, the choices of how to deal with risk include an option to tolerate risk, rather than to eliminate the risk, treat the risk or transfer the risk to another party. To tolerate a risk doesn’t mean that one like to have the risk around, nor does it mean that one never means to reduce the risk or that it impossible to deal with. It simply means that from the moment, it may be impractical, unaffordable or that technology or circumstances are such that I am willing to live with the risk for the moment, and maybe even over longer periods.
The problem arises when risks with a higher likelihood of occurrence is tolerated, or when risks with a low likelihood but potentially hi severity is tolerated because “it won’t happen to me”?
Employers often assume that safety training facilitates safe behaviors. This assumption does not account for the role that risk tolerance plays in workplace decision-making.
According to a study by Carolyn C. Lehmann, Joel M. Haight, and Judd H. Michael (Effects of Safety Training on Risk Tolerance: An Examination of Male Workers in the Surface Mining Industry) this assumption does not account for the role that risk tolerance plays in workplace decision-making.
The study investigated whether there is a relationship between the quantity of safety training a worker has had within the previous 24 months and that worker’s risk tolerance.
A survey was used to assist in the evaluation of risk tolerance levels for stone mining workers in Pennsylvania. Results indicate that workplace safety training is not related to a worker’s risk tolerance and that as the reported number of hours of non-workplace safety training increases, so too does a worker’s tolerance for high personal risk situations.
No relationship was detected between a worker’s risk tolerance and self-reported safety-related events. Workers with non-workplace safety training are more risk tolerant than their counterparts who did not report non-workplace safety training.
Workers with dependents were less tolerant of high personal risk situations than those without dependents.
These results suggest that workplace safety training alone should not be used by employers to ensure appropriate risk-related decision-making by employees.
A comprehensive approach is thus required, that does not exclude training, but also depends on other elements of an organisations safety management system in order to control risk in the workplace

Child Safety Associations-Safekid Org

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Here’s an excellent group with a good message for everyone who has children to share with your youngsters.

Welcome to our Website!

Due to the ever-increasing importance of children’s health issues, Children’s Health and Safety Association’s mission is to continue the work that Children’s Safety Association of Canada has accomplished for the past twenty years and provide up-to-date and vital health information for every concerned parent.

Our children’s eating habits have changed so much that heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and a myriad of other adult diseases are plaguing them at an unforeseen rate – and the statistics are staggering. One in four young children in Canada is overweight or obese and only 7% get the recommended sixty minutes of exercise daily. We will address children’s health issues and concerns as a proactive measure to help sustain children’s health and well-being and exemplify why parents can no longer afford to be complacent with processed food.

We are proud of the great strides that Canadians have made towards the reduction of children’s preventable accidents. Sadly, even now, more children die from preventable injuries in Canada than from all childhood diseases combined. The most devastating and emotionally unyielding situation that a parent can experience is the loss of a child. Despite the overwhelming desire for parents to keep their children safe, injuries and fatalities occur at an alarming rate, generally because during our busy lives we forget some basic safety rules.

We believe the most effective way of instilling positive change for children’s health and safety is through awareness and information programs. Our mission is to provide as much information to as many parents as possible for the safety and well-being of children everywhere.

It is our objective to become the best and most reputable network for all businesses that want to take a stand and make a difference in this world, by not only providing them with a website where they can introduce their products and services but also an authentic and unwavering platform from which their voices can be heard. It is through our collective integrity that we unite together with one strong voice to make this world a better and safer place for our children.

Our children are our future. The safe guards that we provide for them now will support and strengthen their growing years. Together – let’s endeavour to be the best that we can be.

We hope you will support our program as we take pride in continuing the legacy and mission of Children’s Safety Association of Canada.

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