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Affiliated Companies

BIS Training Solutions offers the best Learning Management System (LMS) out there. Xi Safety has partnered with BIS to offer online training courses from dozens of providers. BIS can help you save money on training, orientations and tracking workers certifications. The BIS system is the best we have seen on the market. Call us today to find out how you can leverage this system to improve your training outcomes.


sf_logoIn the construction industry, everything has evolved due to advances in technology.  As those advancements are made, daily task on a construction site become much simpler.  So why is it that safety has not made the transition?

At SafetyTek they’ve come up with a solution.

Combining our 35 years of construction experience and proficiency in advanced technology, Safety Tek has developed a way for onsite workers to have an engaging and efficient way of meeting OHS compliance on a daily basis.  At the same time, management at every level can have a clear an concise real time view of all safety related documents at the touch of a button.

At SafetyTek, their goal is to reduce or eliminate your safety paperwork.  They have a build an intuitive, easy to use software package that aligns with your current safety plan.  Eliminating paperwork processes gives you more time, and they value your time.  They want to see you spending time on activities that build your company’s safety culture with initiatives to prevent incidents, rather than facilitate a reactionary environment where nothing is done until the unimaginable happens.  SafetyTek wants to give you the time needed to create positive relationships with your employees.  Want to know more?  Call Craig or Ryan at SafetyTek and tell them Xi sent you.  They are a great group and can put you on the path to increased productivity with real cost savings.