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Xi Safety Inc blogs about the Canadian Utility Safety Professional Designation

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Xi Safety Inc today looks at the Canadian Utility Safety Designation presently being offered in Canada.

Certified Utility Safety Professional – The Defining Benchmark
If you have dedicated your career to providing safety and operations leadership in the utility industry, now is the time to enhance your professional status with the CUSP certification. Join a distinguished group of hundreds of individuals who have demonstrated their job safety knowledge.
The Certified Utility Safety Professional certification program is the only program that offers safety credentials to utilities, related contractors and communication providers. It is designed to provide a career path and individual growth for employees and increased value for employers.
In partnership, employers and employees promote a culture where safe utility work practices are the standard.

There are two designation that can be attained and are as follow

For more information you can follow this link over to the good folks at CUSP


Bridge The Generation Gap With This Simple Pre-Job Question

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I don’t believe in silver bullet safety, but this one simple questions seems to spur an incredible amount of discussion and knowledge transmission at just about every single safety meeting I attend. I ask this question to mitigate inter-generational effects in the workplace, or to bridge the generation gap. Continue reading