A Defense Against “Airborne”​ Transmission.

As we start the New Year with a rollout of the Covid vaccine we find ourselves at the same time battling huge increases in the number of cases and fatalities. Recently a group of experts wrote an open letter calling on Canadian leaders to change course and update Covid- 19 guidelines and regulations. The main point of the letter was to reflect the science that Covid-19 spreads through inhaled aerosols.

These health professionals and scientists stated that the majority of Covid cases have been due to “airborne” transmission.

Airborne viruses like Covid- 19 can live on surfaces for an hour or two after leaving the body. Then, infections can be transmitted by touching the surface and rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth.

A proven defense against viruses and other pathogens is to treat indoor areas with disinfectant fogging. Disinfectant fogging is a process of introducing a disinfecting aerosol into the environment and should be done by a professional who can ascertain the amount of moisture and chemical component to use for each unique environment.

Xi Safety is a professional safety company dedicated to keeping your environment free of dangerous and infectious pathogens through the process of disinfectant ULV fogging.

Xi uses a non-toxic disinfectant solution that is safe for all surfaces which can be applied in a fraction of the time that conventional cleaning can be accomplished.

We are ready to treat your indoor environment be it a commercial, retail, or a private residence.

Stay safe!



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