Reasons to Join Our Team


Working with us you will receive:

  • Great Opportunities to further your career
  • A dedicated back office to keep you employed
  • Safety Recognition for our past performance since 2012
  • Paid with Direct Deposit
  • We put your safety first

Working with us you will find we provide more than just a job!

We provide principles that we abide to for our workers:

The Principles of Xi SAFETY + LABOUR

We strive to live according to these two principles and tenets:

  • Principle #1: Walk the talk. – Actions matter more than words. Say what you will do, and do it.
  • Principle #2: Deliver results the right way. – Do it the right way, not the easy way.

At Xi Safety + Labour we believe that it is important to:

  • Stand up for safety, quality and reliability.
  • Remove barriers to working safely.  Safe work outcomes are achieved when workers are equipped to do it right the first time.
  •  Identify problems and deal with them before they become emergencies.
  • Recognize limitations of equipment, materials and people.
  • Comply with all applicable rules and regulations.  We will comply with all applicable regulations to generate an honest return for our workers and clients.
  •  Address abnormal conditions with a solution in mind.  Abnormal conditions or behaviors must be addressed with a solution in mind.
  • Balance quality, safety and integrity with speed, cost and quantity.  We believe the true rate of return should consider both the direct costs of production and the indirect costs associated with reputation, quality, environmental impacts, and our social license to operate.
  • Consider other options and perspectives as equally valid as our own.  All perspectives are valid: some are more informed, or others have a fresh set of eyes.
  • Guard our own safety and that of others.  Everyone has the right to get home safely!

Join the  Xi Team today!