Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To be Western Canada’s premiere staffing agency for our employees and clients.

To provide employees with opportunities to advance their careers through ongoing training and support. 

To provide clients with trained workers with suitable experience to help them achieve outstanding project performance. 

About Us:

 Starting in 2012 as a safety consulting company supplying safety personnel to clients in oil and gas construction, it became clear that many of our clients were also looking for skilled labour. They were finding that their Human Resources departments were at a loss when selecting skilled labour, and entrusted us to help out. After referring several skilled tradespeople to clients, we decided to formalize this aspect of our business and offer it as an extra service.

Xi handles all the background support needed to any sized company so you can focus on carrying out the execution of your project.  We provide payroll and all assorted payroll taxes, insurances and more so you don’t have to.

The Xi Safety Advantage

When you need the extra horsepower for any job, we are there for you!

Xi Safety is the only staffing agency with a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Working safely is good business because every safety issue is a business improvement opportunity. We believe safety is a priority and instill that in our employees as part of our ongoing training programs..

Less workplace accidents is better for both our Clients and our Workers.