UV – C Sanitation Units

Xi Safety is a distributer of  Smart UV- C Sanitation units.

Smart UV uses photon-based air and surface purification from electromagnetic photolysis technology to inactivate pathogens at the molecular level by breaking & rearranging molecular bonds within their DNA & RNA. The molecular bond-breaking completely inactivates these pathogens and effectively eliminates them.

The sanitizing effects of UV lights have been seen with other coronaviruses, including the one that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Studies have shown that it can be used against other coronaviruses.




The Smart UV Travel Pack – Protect Yourself, On The Go.

The Smart UV Travel Pack is a bundle of two SmartUV Mini’s and one Helios UV-C Wand.

The Smart UV Travel Pack contains small but mighty UV-C devices to protect your health on the go.

Use the Helios LED UV-C want to disinfect high-touch areas in a 4-inch circle waving the wand for 30 seconds. Use the SmartUV Mini to eliminate allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold quickly and efficiently in small or compact rooms.

The UV-C and ozone from SmartUV Mini helps deodorize, and disinfect surfaces during it’s 30 minute disinfection cycle. [Note: The ozone produced from SmartUV Mini contains odor and should be ventilated for 45 minutes after disinfection]

It’s a curated kit designed to make all traveling experiences safer.

Safeguard your health on the go, with Smart UV Travel Pack.

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