Traffic Control (TCP)

Job Overview:
A Traffic Control Person, also known as a flag person, refers to workers who stop, slow and safely
direct the traffic through work or construction sites. Traffic Controllers regulate the traffic flow trying
to get as few delays as possible. They give directions and signals clearly, so motorists understand
how to proceed
Traffic Controllers must have completed a training and hold a certificate which guarantee that they
are competent to perform the required procedures to control traffic.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Move, slow and control the traffic
• Communicate to motorists properly on how to proceed
• Use hand signals, radios and other methods required to direct the traffic
• Think ahead to provide indications to drivers at appropriate distances
• Communicate to other Traffic control persons
• Be aware of everything going around them
• Guide cyclist and pedestrians safely through the zone
• Being focused on what they are doing and not getting distracted with anything else

• Basic knowledge of math
• Detail oriented
• Aware of the environment around them
• Must own PPE (hard hat, high visibility vest, steel toe boots); other PPE such as glasses, halfface or full-face mask, gloves will be preferred.
• Must be safety conscious.
• Must be legally entitled to work in Canada  and speak English