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Labour – Skilled – Semi skilled – General

As a company, Xi  possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help your project succeed.  We provide several levels of Labour services :


Skilled Labour –

Successful applicants will have:

    • Must have a minimum 3 years experience with the experience of working as a Semi Skilled Labourer
    • Experience and understanding of the technical nature of each project type
    • Able to understand blue prints
    • Must have a valid BC driver’s license.
    • Ability to work without close supervision
    • Must be able to perform heavy manual labour under adverse weather conditions.
    • Extensive knowledge of construction materials, tools, and machinery used.
    • Must be capable of working in trenches, excavations, and manholes.
    • Ability to effectively communicate and lead team members.
    • Ability to effectively communicate and problem solve with site supervisors, team members, and subcontractors.
    • Counterbalanced forklift-certified (other equipment upon request-we certify our workers in majority of mobile and aerial equipment)
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with construction personnel, equipment operators, supervisors, crew and sub- contractors.

Semi Skilled Labour  

1+ years of experience , Fall Protection trained, able to identify scaffolding types and have experience using ladders safely. Skilled labourers may be asked to complete a wide range of tasks. but not limited to it: 

  • They can operate basic equipment
  • Are able to work independently with advanced skill set.
  • Work in Demolition, cement finishing, concrete restoration, and stripping forms. 
  • Assists in steel stud framing, wood framing, drywall procedures, painting preparation, insulation, and waterproofing. 
  • Operate equipment on construction site, work from heights and in confined spaces (only if trained and certified). 
  • Digging, operating a wheelbarrow and dollies. 
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, dewatering, pressure washing, operating a leaf blower, and other general site cleanup. 
  • Manual handling of material
  • Acting as a spotter for equipment 
  • Counterbalanced forklift-certified (other equipment upon request-we certify our workers in majority of mobile and aerial equipment)
  • Jackhammer,  Vacuuming (changing bags, filters, create a dustless environment)
  • Pressure washing
  • Operating a leaf blower, gas and electric
  • Installs insulation and vapour barrier
  • Assist in waterproofing
  • Knowledge in measuring and snapping lines and assisting in layout
  • Skilled trades helper


General Labour-

Work in construction, manufacturing or other physically demanding jobs such as cleaning and landscaping. General Labour work consists with the following but is not limited to:

• Sweeping
• Mopping and general housekeeping
• Operating a pallet jack
• Manual handling of material and manual dexterity
• Assist trades on site with other duties and follow directions from the site supervisor.