Xi Safety Solutions – Stay Ahead of the Virus

The real trick is staying ahead of the rules.

Xi Safety and Labour is dedicated to keeping your environment free of Covid 19 and a host of other dangerous and infectious pathogens through the simple process of disinfectant ULV fogging. Xi uses a non toxic disinfectant solution that is safe for all surfaces which can be applied in a fraction of the time that conventional cleaning can be accomplished.

Our certified professionals are ready to treat your environment be it a commercial, retail, or private residence with little disruption to you or your patrons.

But wait,…..why would I do that, a vaccine is on the way.

The recent announcements by both our elected officials and multiple drug companies raises many questions. When will a vaccine be approved?  How long will it take to distribute? Is it going to be effective on those who have already had Covid 19? What if the virus mutates,  and a host of other reasonable queries.. Although our community leaders have tried their best to formulate guidelines while imposing largely unenforceable rules, it is time for the public sector to take matters into their own hands.

One of the best defenses against Covid 19 is to treat indoor areas with disinfectant fogging. While there is still much to learn about Covid 19, there seems to be some agreement among health professionals that the majority of cases have been due to “airborne” transmission. Previously we thought that the majority of cases happened from surface contamination and while it is still important to treat surfaces the real issue is in the air. Disinfectant fogging solves both of these problems.

The main benefits of ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging are : the limited time it takes to effectively treat an environment, the effectiveness at which it removes the Covid 19 virus from the air and surfaces, and, depending on the product used, its relatively low impact on one’s business or home.

It is natural to be excited and hopeful about the news of many new potential vaccines on the horizon, but in the meantime we must protect ourselves, our clients and our loved ones from this terrible virus. The best way to achieve this is to get our indoor environments treated with ULV fogging from Xi Safety.

Stay safe and remain sensible.

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