About Xi Safety Inc.

Established in Calgary in 2012, Xi Safety Inc. is a leading safety service company. Our core services include providing experienced project safety personnel to help organizations achieve Best in Class Safety metrics for projects of any size. Our team understands the challenges faced during the construction and commissioning phases, having firsthand experience in the field.

Xi Safety™ Inc. actively provides subject matter expertise to ensure ongoing compliance with Project HSE Plans. We collaborate with all levels of management, clients, supervisors, regulators, and the workforce to continuously improve and achieve safety metrics.

Additionally, through our training portal, we offer access to over 1700 online safety courses via the Safeapp program. This platform provides convenient access to a wide range of safety tools from your phone, desktop, or field iPad. You can manage training certificates, equipment and maintenance records, inspections, incident investigations, safety forms, company policies, and procedures all in one place.

Many of our courses are now virtually proctored, allowing for a comprehensive exchange of knowledge that addresses feedback about the lack of interaction in online training. With virtual proctoring, the benefits of classroom interaction are retained, enhancing the learning experience for each student

HESS = Health + Environment + Security + Safety


  • We Provide:
    • Effective HESS Management Plan Development/Implementation/Improvement
    • Emergency Response Planning, including wildfire management and wildland urban interface services and equipment
    • Pre-Project Hazard Assessments
    • Supervision and Worker Competency Compliance Auditing and supervisory leadership training (our own successful course)
    • Maintain Proper Project Documentation
    • Ongoing Compliance Oversight of project activities
    • Monthly Targeted Free Online Training Courses
    • Maintenance and Inspection Programs for equipment
    • Online Onboarding Experience: Bring your onboarding experience online with a custom-made orientation program, saving time and paperwork allowing your workers to be deployed to their foreman and tasks.


  • Our Expertise:
    • Major Projects: Facility, pipelines, oilsands (construction & maintenance shutdowns), transmission & distribution, exploration, drilling and completions, civil & highway projects, large commercial property development projects
    • Tailored HSE Manuals: Customized for contractors of any size in any commercial or industrial sector, available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze service packages
    • Part-Time Consultancy Services: Specifically tailored to your needs within our service packages. You pay only for what you need

Xi Safety Initiatives

In addition to our core services, we have expanded our offerings to address the growing challenges of wildfire urban interface exacerbated by climate change. We now provide specialized products designed to enhance the protection of rural residences and outbuildings. These products are specifically tailored to mitigate the risks posed by wildfires, ensuring greater safety and resilience in vulnerable areas See here for link to review and order:




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