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A Defense Against “Airborne”​ Transmission.

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As we start the New Year with a rollout of the Covid vaccine we find ourselves at the same time battling huge increases in the number of cases and fatalities. Recently a group of experts wrote an open letter calling on Canadian leaders to change course and update Covid- 19 guidelines and regulations. The main point of the letter was to reflect the science that Covid-19 spreads through inhaled aerosols.

These health professionals and scientists stated that the majority of Covid cases have been due to “airborne” transmission.

Airborne viruses like Covid- 19 can live on surfaces for an hour or two after leaving the body. Then, infections can be transmitted by touching the surface and rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth.

A proven defense against viruses and other pathogens is to treat indoor areas with disinfectant fogging. Disinfectant fogging is a process of introducing a disinfecting aerosol into the environment and should be done by a professional who can ascertain the amount of moisture and chemical component to use for each unique environment.

Xi Safety is a professional safety company dedicated to keeping your environment free of dangerous and infectious pathogens through the process of disinfectant ULV fogging.

Xi uses a non-toxic disinfectant solution that is safe for all surfaces which can be applied in a fraction of the time that conventional cleaning can be accomplished.

We are ready to treat your indoor environment be it a commercial, retail, or a private residence.

Stay safe!




Time for government to take aerosol transmission of COVID-19 seriously

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This is an open letter from hundreds of experts calling on Canadian leaders to change course.

Jan, 4 2021

We are a group of physicians, scientists, occupational health and safety experts, engineers and nursing professionals who have been following COVID-19 developments closely. We are deeply concerned by the recent increase in cases and hospitalizations across Canada. We urge you to update provincial COVID-19 guidelines, workplace regulations and public communication to reflect the science — COVID-19 spreads through inhaled aerosols.

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Xi Safety Solutions – Stay Ahead of the Virus

The real trick is staying ahead of the rules.

Xi Safety and Labour is dedicated to keeping your environment free of Covid 19 and a host of other dangerous and infectious pathogens through the simple process of disinfectant ULV fogging. Xi uses a non toxic disinfectant solution that is safe for all surfaces which can be applied in a fraction of the time that conventional cleaning can be accomplished.

Our certified professionals are ready to treat your environment be it a commercial, retail, or private residence with little disruption to you or your patrons.

But wait,…..why would I do that, a vaccine is on the way.

The recent announcements by both our elected officials and multiple drug companies raises many questions. When will a vaccine be approved?  How long will it take to distribute? Is it going to be effective on those who have already had Covid 19? What if the virus mutates,  and a host of other reasonable queries.. Although our community leaders have tried their best to formulate guidelines while imposing largely unenforceable rules, it is time for the public sector to take matters into their own hands.

One of the best defenses against Covid 19 is to treat indoor areas with disinfectant fogging. While there is still much to learn about Covid 19, there seems to be some agreement among health professionals that the majority of cases have been due to “airborne” transmission. Previously we thought that the majority of cases happened from surface contamination and while it is still important to treat surfaces the real issue is in the air. Disinfectant fogging solves both of these problems.

The main benefits of ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging are : the limited time it takes to effectively treat an environment, the effectiveness at which it removes the Covid 19 virus from the air and surfaces, and, depending on the product used, its relatively low impact on one’s business or home.

It is natural to be excited and hopeful about the news of many new potential vaccines on the horizon, but in the meantime we must protect ourselves, our clients and our loved ones from this terrible virus. The best way to achieve this is to get our indoor environments treated with ULV fogging from Xi Safety.

Stay safe and remain sensible.


Get your Establishment Fogged (Sanitized) for COVID 19!


Xi uses state of the art ,environmentally responsible disinfection and sanitation techniques providing you, your employees and most importantly your customers the confidence they should expect in these difficult days.
Xi Safety can have your establishment treated in a relatively short period of time
without the concern of toxic fumes or residue.

We use a non toxic, non corrosive, 100% biodegradable Health Canada and EPA approved disinfectant.

Disinfectant Surface Fogging
● Cost Efficient
● Curtails Operational Interruptions
● Effective on both hard and soft surfaces
● Environmentally Responsible
● No Toxic Residue
● Eliminates 99.9% of Surface and Airborne
● Full Coverage of both exposed and inaccessible
● Expediates Sanitization
● NSF certified for food contact surfaces


Xi Safety is Now Certified with the National Ozone Association

Ozone has been a part of our world since the beginning of time.  The ozone layer protects us from excess ozone.  Every lightning storm produces more than 40 tons of ozone that sanitizes our world while the rain washes away the debris.  During daylight hours, minor amounts of ozone happens everywhere on earth.  As a standard part of nature, ozone is a Green and Sustainable compound that can be used to remediate environmental threats.

Xi Safety is now certified to harness the power of Ozone performing sanitization procedures for Covid 19 and other airborne hazards.

“Air Scrubbing” is a “touch free” natural process that sanitizes every surface of an enclosed area.

● Leaves no residue
● Requires no post treatment clean-up
● Sanitizes both Surface and Airborne contaminants


Announcing Mr. Darryl Braaten EMT, NCSO, CFPS as Vice President and Senior Advisor

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Kris Davenport is pleased to announce that Mr. Darryl Braaten has joined Xi Safety as Vice President and Senior Advisor for HSE Services and Products.

As a major project safety professional Darryl has overseen the development of project safety management systems that have resulted in successful oversight of multiple projects within various industries.

Mr. Braaten is a significant addition to the company and will focus on new product development and client services including project health and safety plans for all sized companies for COVID 19 reopening phases.

With over 20 years’ experience in the emergency response sector, Darryl has a proven track record of developing, implementing, and managing safety management systems based on Canadian federal, provincial and USA standards, acts, regulations, and codes. His expertise includes hiring, managing and providing expert leadership to field teams of HSE personnel on a variety of projects.

Welcome aboard Darryl!


Covid 19 Compliance Experts

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In these times of challenge and opportunity due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many small businesses are faced with new government regulations for re-opening their place of businesses.  Although there is  free information available for business owners, we at Xi Safety can offer you help and expertise in this time and  ensure you have met all the requirements so that you can focus on what you do best, run your business.  We offer many business sectors assurance that we can provide you with  an oversight auditor to ensure the required forms are completed and ready for inspection.  We include OHS compliance to new Worksafe BC legislation regarding compliance in the workplace and can assist you with for BCs restart plan phases 2 and 3 including a Covid Safety Plan.  Give us a call, we are here to help.


Announcing the Appointment of Kris Davenport as President of Xi Safety & Labour

We are happy to announce the promotion of Kristien Davenport to the position of  President for Xi Safety and Labor Services. Ms. Davenports’ experience includes corporate communications, business development, investor & public relations, marketing, project management and administration. Kris has worked on a diverse number of projects and clients from different industries, including the resource sector, bio-tech, high tech, new media, software and the safety training industry. She has been responsible for business development, investor relations, human resources, media coverage, press releases  and sales. During her career she has worked with public & private companies and has been involved in raising over $500 million through outside investors and government grants for clients and employers. Ms. Davenport joined the company a year ago in the role of Business Development Manager where she has played a key role during our establishment of our newly opened Vancouver office.

Kris thus brings a wealth of experience to the position as President and we are excited about her new role at the company.


Interviews Now at our new office in Vancouver!

Xi is conducting face to face interviews for the Vancouver  lower  mainland. Our office is in downtown Vancouver close to Skytrain and transit routes.

Please make certain you have signed up on our website so we can schedule your interview.

Look forward to meeting you!




New Opportunities In B.C. for Applicants

We are looking for safety-minded:

– Heavy Equipment Operators

– Labourers

– Civil Foremen

Local to the Lower Mainland between Vancouver and Hope for an upcoming pipeline project.

If you enjoy excavating to high standards of quality and safety, and view incident-free production as a matter of good business, then you’re the person we’re looking for.

We are looking for operators and labour who have experience with both pipeline and facilities (civil) construction.

Please highlight your Oil and Gas experience on your resume or covering email, along with the types of heavy equipment you’re familiar with.

Right now, we’re on the hunt for:

– Excavator

– Side boom

– Loader

– Bobcat

– Grader

– Rock Truck

– Dozer

– Groundspeople/ Gradespeople

Local residents with previous oil and gas civil construction experience are highly preferred.




Basic tickets: H2s Alive First Aid GHS/WHMIS 2015 TDG First Aid Ground Disturbance Level 2 (ABCGA or Global)

Apply Online at