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What We Provide

We employ state of the art Green Technology to ensure that your home, office, or other space is sanitized and safe with the use of military grade pathogen neutralization techniques. 

We provide the X-tra help you need in in keeping your environment safe and healthy ! 

We offer:

Disinfectant Surface Fogging 

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • No Toxic Residue
  • Eliminates 99.9% of Surface and Airborne contaminants
  • Full Coverage of both exposed and inaccessible surfaces
  • Expediates Sanitization 
  • Cost Efficient (Economical) (Value)
  • Curtails Operational Interruptions 

Ozone Treatment

  • A “touch free” natural process that sanitizes every surface of an enclosed area 
  • Leaves no residue 
  • Requires no post treatment clean-up
  • Sanitizes both Surface and Airborne contaminants