What We Provide

Benefit #1 – Reduced Administrative Costs

Not all contract personnel are able to pre-qualify as their own contractor, due to barriers such as safety registries, billing systems and the desire of the owning company to keep its vendor database lean.

We can place name hires under our contract and assume all payroll, administrative and subcontractor pre-qualification processes.

This allows the client to have its Safety, Medical, Security and slEnvironmental contract under one supplier group. This reduces administrative duplication, streamlines administration and ultimately reduces costs.

Benefit #2 – Our Ecosystem of Services

Xi Safety is a leader in partnering with companies who can deliver project safety management solutions, including, but not limited to:

– Innovative training platforms
– Fire Safety Training
– Personal Protective Equipment
– Local Aboriginal Employment

Our ecosystem of safety services gives us access to a wide network of services. We do the shopping around so you don’t have to.

Benefit #3 Objectivity in Project Safety Management

Xi Safety provides a Project Safety Management Solution for the planning, construction and commissioning phases of major projects in Western Canada.

Some owning companies prefer to execute their projects using a major Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) firm, while others prefer to form their own, but independent, Construction Management Team (CMT).

Regardless of the approach, the Health, Safety, Environmental and Security functions tend to fall under the umbrella of the overall construction entity.

By “parsing out” the Health, Safety, Environmental and Security functions from the rest of the EPCM group or CMT, Xi Safety is able to provide our clients with objective, unbiased and independent assurance that project risks are being controlled in a suitable and sufficient manner.

Our Recruitment Process

Our process is built on trust, referrals and word of mouth. While some recruiting companies focus on a checklist of keywords and qualifications, we recruit based on our knowledge of the individual, their capabilities and their overall skill set.

Xi Safety is a registered employment agency in the Province of Alberta (#341631).