Safety Consulting In the Time of Covid 19

It is imperative that companies understand the safety issues of their projects. However, this is easier said than done. Proper safety requirements and protocol can be overwhelming for your employees to tackle. Instead, get Xi Safety, the safety experts,  to provide your management team with the safety consultation you need to evaluate your safety protocols and the overall quality of your job site. We provide consultation in the following areas:

  • Covid 19
  • Medical
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental Health & Safety

Xi Safety will provide to your company, experienced, hands on safety professionals for any sized project, in any industry.  Our experience was built on projects, managing some of the most challenging in Western Canada and the USA.  However, we have never forgotten our own roots in assisting contractors of all sizes in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of their own programs whether developed by us, or a cold eye review of your existing safety programs and update where required.  Whether you are a smaller residential or commercial contractor or a company embarking on a major project we can provide you with affordable alternatives to ensure staff can focus on what they do best, manage and build the project.

Our Delivery Promises:
  • Free consultations to companies for the initial overview of your company’s health and safety program and recommended path(s) forward.
  • Access to Canada’s Certified Safety Professionals and Specialists on contract, full time or part time while we deliver successful metrics, on every project, every time.
  • Executive HESS coaching to assist managers and supervisors in realignment and restructuring needs for program continuity.
  • Advice on how to leverage technology to lower your costs of paper based safety, training and other records such as maintenance and inspection programs.